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At 6.30PM on Wednesday, April 25th, Animal Kingdom screened in Cinema 1 at the IFI Irish Film Institute. The screening was followed by a Q&A with Daniel Fitzpatrick (aemi).


"I would like to thank everyone who came the screening last night, it was a great house and so nice to finally share the film with an audience!Special thanks to Daniel Fitzpatrick (pictured), for a brilliant Q&A, Sunniva O'Flynn, Nisan Greenwich (and all of the projection/Cinemas department) and of course my three principal cast: John Curran, Anja Mahler and Cillian Roche (pictured)"  - Dean Kavanagh

" Experimental filmmaker Dean Kavanagh’s latest work is a genre-defying exploration of the cinematic apparatus. The film concerns a character (played with corporeal intensity by Cillian Roche) who happens upon a group undergoing bestial metamorphosis. Narrative is not at the forefront of what is essentially a sensory onslaught, a complex and thrilling film that is sonically and visually stunning with disturbing performances from Roche, Anja Mahler and John Curran.

A film that demands to be seen in a cinema environment , critic Fergus Daly describes it as “a film-animal, repetitively clawing out its singular territorial space. ”

An exciting addition to the catalogue of underground films made by Kavanagh and colleagues over the last decade heralding a new direction in Irish cinema." - Sunniva O'Flynn (Head of Irish Film Programming, IFI Irish Film Institute)

"A film which pushes against the limits of what is possible in a digital cinema and a film which does demand to be seen in a cinema" - aemi (Artists' and Experimental Moving Image)

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