Earth. Wind. Fire. Water. Sacrifice.  In Animal Kingdom a ritual carves a dimension that melds character, object, landscape and the very tactile makeup of the film itself into one mutating, symphonic mass of spell casting, storytelling, living and dying.


An explosive account of cinema  as witchcraft.

Animal Kingdom depicts a man’s voyage into the deep recesses of the very film that projects him, affecting its construction, progression and physical stability. While stranded in a large forest where day and night interchange at any moment, he discovers two natives who have begun their transformation into animals. Rejected by these natives, the outsider decides to study their transformation and imposes various cinematic apparatus on them. He attempts to weaponise the very film itself against these creatures, transporting them into various environments and a multitude of forms. All characters are lambs to the slaughter when the film turns the gun on itself. 

Animal Kingdom was kindly funded by The Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon.

An Easter Film Production.

Principal Cast:

Cillian Roche

Anja Mahler

John Curran

Directed by Dean Kavanagh

Produced by Anja Mahler & Dean Kavanagh

Technical Specifications

Duration: 121 minutes

Aspect ratio:  2.39:1 Scope

Negative format: REDCODE RAW (6K, 4K), 70mm

Cinematographic process: Digital Intermediate (4K) [Master format]

Sound mix: D-Cinema 48kHz 5.1

Distribution format: 4K DCP

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