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Fergus Daly on Animal Kingdom

Feedback on Animal Kingdom from film critic Fergus Daly:

"A very intelligent and beautiful film drawing parallels between the hidden forces of animality everywhere and the cinema medium as a storehouse of virtual powers. Each naturalistic image hides an experimental image-bomb waiting to explode, with windows acting like portals between actual and virtual worlds and narrative gesture dissolving into sensory provocation. Animal Kingdom is a fascinating and complex work with a visual imagination that is second to none and a soundtrack that is intriguing throughout. You don’t have to fully understand a film but some part of you needs to stay attentive and in this sense Animal Kingdom is rivetting. The spirit of Grandrieux as well as Bokanowski’s L’Ange are present and Kavanagh has ultimately taken each of them into new territories. He has created a film-animal, repetitively clawing out its singular territorial space. "

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