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Animal Kingdom by Alessandro Coloberti

A review from cinema blogger Alessandro Coloberti (from cinemadermister) :


"Animal Kingdom is without a doubt a difficult film to analyze and metabolize. All of the research proposed by the author is focused on the infinite and annihilating power of the camera. Animal Kingdom is, from my point of view, a film abut rebirth, about the abandonment of the body to leave space for a parallel and ethereal dimension. Visually it is probably among the most rewarding film experiences ever produced. Some sequences, such as that of the ideal fusion between woman and bee, that recalls Brakhage in both style and content, can only be considered a starting point for the development of this new experimental and avant-garde genre. Resulting from this fusion is the 'queen bee', the woman who in all her pain and sorrow is assaulted and abused to procreate.

Animal Kingdom is a film about the human condition that in no way deviates from [animality]... [where] endless metamorphoses are in vain to change the natural laws. A modern masterpiece, a unique and devastating experience."

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