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Top 10 Films 2017 Lists by Post Tenebras Cinema

Animal Kingdom has been selected by the editors of Post Tenebras Cinema as being one of the 10 Best films of 2017. Read the lists by Luca Gigliotti and Francesco Fabris here.

"...a whirling and provocative expression, technically perfect and extremely challenging in content. [...] Kavanagh's feature is unassailable (and definitely more than satisfying) from a stylistic point of view, an authentic explosion of psycho-sensitive sensations and stimuli, with a well-kept and hypnotic sound," - Francesco Fabris (Post Tenebras Cinema)

"Dean Kavanagh brings to light one of the best works concerning the EFS ... [a] visual-hurricane, over 120 minutes of implosive defragmentation, kaleidoscopic flashes and cerebral sounds [...] Material of immense psychotropic potential," - Luca Gigliotti (Post Tenebras Cinema)

For more information about the film and other press please visit the official website.

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