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"A very intelligent and beautiful film drawing parallels between the hidden forces of animality everywhere and the cinema medium as a storehouse of virtual powers. [...] Animal Kingdom is rivetting. [...] a film-animal, repetitively clawing out its singular territorial space" - Fergus Daly 

"A film which pushes against the limits of what is possible in a digital cinema"

- aemi (Artists' and Experimental Moving Image)

"... [a] visual-hurricane, over 120 minutes of implosive defragmentation, kaleidoscopic flashes and cerebral sounds [...] Material of immense psychotropic potential" - Luca Gigliotti (Post Tenebras Cinema) 

"Animal Kingdom is a spiritual odyssey, an oneiric vision that has a strongly cathartic effect... [it] appeals to the extra-sensorial profundities of the collective unconscious, in which the traditional descriptive narration has no reason to exist" - Letizia Hushi (La Scimmia Pensa)

"...a dark phantasmagoria. [...] abstract, esoteric and mystifying eye-candy that will haunt you for days... Humans can be strange creatures, but some filmmakers are like aliens" - Nikola Gocić (NGboo Art)

"...a whirling and provocative expression, technically perfect and extremely challenging in content. [...] Kavanagh's feature is unassailable (and definitely more than satisfying) from a stylistic point of view, an authentic explosion of psycho-sensitive sensations and stimuli, with a well-kept and hypnotic sound"

- Francesco Fabris (Post Tenebras Cinema) 

"A modern masterpiece, a unique and devastating experience" - Alessandro Coloberti (cinemadermister)

"Frighteningly beautiful" - Cinesinfin

"Frighteningly beautiful" - Cinesinfin

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